„A.Richter, T.Nebe, K.Wendl, K.Schuster, G.Klaebisch, M.Quintel, D.Lorenz, S.Post and M.Trede

HLA-DR Expression in Acute Pancreatitis

From the department of Surgery, institute for Clinical Chemistry, institute for Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Universitatsklinikum Mannheim, University of Heidelberg, Mannheim, Germany
Eur J Surg 1999; 165: 947-951

Objective: To investigate the role of the monocyte/macrophage system in acute pancreatitis
Design: Prospective clinical study
Setting : University clinic, Germany
Subject: 37 consecutive patients who presented with acute pancreatitis.

Main outcome measure: Correlation between function of monocytes measured by HLA-DR expression and outcome Results: Patients were divided into three groups according to outcome : those with severe pancreatitis who died (n = 10), those with severe pancreatitis who survived (n = 15), and those with mild pancreatitis who survived (n = 12). There was a clear and significant difference between those with severe and those with mild disease. HLA-DR expression was initially depressed in both groups, but after the third day of treatment it started to recover significantly in those with mild disease (p < 0.05). The difference was also significant from day 7 onwards between those with severe disease who died and those with severe disease who survived (p < 0.05).